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      1. About Us                

        Zhejiang goldsmiths Co., Ltd., as a solution provider of integrated transformation system of airtight and low-temperature granary, has developed, designed and produced polyurethane insulation board for ceiling insulation and inner wall airtight insulation, integrated window for thermal insulation and insect prevention and bird prevention, closed door for thermal insulation, airtight insulation vent, building reflection insulation coating and external wall sandblasting coating, etc. after years of development and accumulation Won a number of national patents----The utility model relates to a connector which can quickly fix the heat preservation board, an air tight heat preservation window with multi-layer window sashes, a hinge structure with opening and closing, a double heat preservation window structure with push guiding type, a heat preservation board (splicing), a snap type heat preservation board structure which can hide the fixing nails, a V-shaped ceiling structure of large granary, a reverse buckle ceiling structure for high-pressure granary, and a screw free structure Solid grain warehouse ceiling board reverse buckle structure, etc. With excellent products and professional services, Goldsmith company has been listed as a shortlisted supplier of many projects by China Grain Storage Group Corporation, among which four items, ceiling insulation material and construction, interior wall insulation material and construction, building exterior wall coating and construction and building reflection insulation coating and construction, have been rated as A-level supplier by China Grain Storage Group Corporation.
        Goldsmith company provides integrated transformation system solutions and construction of airtight low-temperature warehouses for multiple grain depots. After on-site inspection by Zhengzhou grain warehouse Machinery Quality Supervision and testing center of state grain administration, the airtightness of the actual warehouse rises from - 300pa to - 150pa, the pressure half-life reaches more than 300s, and the air tightness level meets the first level requirements of air-conditioned grain storage. Airtight low temperature bin is an important condition for green grain storage. Good airtight and thermal insulation will be more conducive to the implementation of green technology grain storage technology, such as nitrogen storage, air conditioning temperature control, internal circulation and so on.
        Goldsmith polyurethane insulation board is made of polyurethane rigid foam as the core material and single-sided composite knurled aluminum plate. It adopts the male and female trough type gusset plate technology. It has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, high-efficiency heat preservation and insulation, light weight, air tightness, energy conservation and consumption reduction, beautiful appearance, long service life, etc. it has accumulated safe construction area of more than 800000 square meters for more than 60 grain depots such as China Grain Reserve and national grain reserve.
        The integrated window of heat preservation, sealing and insect prevention is a new type of heat preservation and sealing window with aluminum profile as the main frame material, air tightness and heat preservation as well as insect prevention and bird prevention as one. It is light to use, has good effect of insect prevention and bird prevention, and has good heat preservation, heat insulation and air tightness.
        The goldsmith building reflective thermal insulation coating adopts multi-functional UV resistant and anti-aging elastic resin, which integrates reflection and radiation, and has strong tensile resistance and good cooling and heat insulation performance.
        The company adopts safe and efficient imported high-altitude working platform and spraying machinery and equipment in the field of warehouse exterior wall coating transformation project, and successively provides warehouse exterior wall coating transformation services for more than 300 grain depots such as China grain storage and national grain storage, with a total safe construction area of more than 8 million square meters. The sand blasting coating for exterior wall can effectively solve the problems such as peeling, falling off, cracking and fading of the exterior wall. It has the advantages of long service life, water-proof and environmental protection, acid and frost resistance, etc. the dust pollution of the exterior wall can also be directly washed by water.
        Warehouse grain inspection aluminum beam grating stairs are made of special high hardness aluminum profiles as two side girders, which are composed of hot-dip galvanized grating treads and 304 stainless steel handrails, which are corrosion-resistant, antiskid, durable and beautiful.
        Zhejiang goldsmith adheres to the business philosophy of "safety first, quality excellence, and user first", and always adheres to the craftsman spirit of continuous improvement, and is committed to the research, development and construction of supporting products for the integrated transformation system of air tight low-temperature warehouse. It has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety certification.
        In the future, Zhejiang goldsmiths will wholeheartedly provide perfect services for the major grain depots and create more excellent projects with professional technical team, exquisite technological process and excellent equipment and facilities.

        Zhejiang goldsmith Building Materials Technology Co., Ltd.
        Address: No. 2333, Dongyang Street, Yafan Town, Wucheng District, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

        Fax: 0086-579-82601111
        URL: www.knftnht.cn

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